[live improvisation system]

RMC music system for live performance

August , 2018

The RMC is a complete music improvisation setup build entirely from scratch. Inputs feature Japanese arcade controls and high quality pots and faders via a custom extremely low latency input scheme. Processing is done on the UP2 development board with Intel Celeron N3350 CPU, 2 Gb ram, running debian linux in combination with a teensy 3.6 board (for input scanning and led control). Software is developed in C++ in combination with puredata (in the form of libpd) as an audio engine. Dual Midi-Clock output is provided to jam with friends in sync. From a musical stand point this setup features a 4 channel audio-looper, a unique arpeggiator/sequencer combi, per channel pitch control, filters, effects and various input sources like synths, drums and samples. The system is road-ready and toured across Europe in the first weeks after its initial completement. Development is ongoing; while the hardware side is completely finished, software will still be expanded in the coming year. development is highly flexible by plugging in an external monitor, keyboard and network cable.

Concept, design, hardware / software development

in action:


some more process documentation: