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Character rework

Posted by on 7.15.19 in gamedev, graphics

Plans for an upcoming game are getting more concrete, I am remodeling the main avatar in a mid-level density so the resolution is high enough to use it both in game as well in some upgrade menu’s, cutscenes, etc. #blender

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HDRP testing

Posted by on 5.26.19 in gamedev, graphics

More testing with the HD render pipeline

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Dirty Cash : JamGame

Posted by on 4.30.19 in code, gamedev, graphics

My entry for the Ludum Dare #44 (72hour) gamejam.The theme for this jam was Your life is currency The player navigates a Euro and tries to trap greedy businessmen into a pits of lava.The game features an endless looping level and some nice music It ranked #2 in the humor category out of 1817 entries […]

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Revelation : Jam Game

Posted by on 12.3.18 in code, gamedev, graphics

Participated in Ludum Dare #43 with this Gauntlet Style shooter (created in 72 hours)The theme for this jam was: Sacrifices have to be made.I implemented a kamikaze style mechanic for the player that can take out the spawning portals. check the Ludum Dare entry here:

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Terrain Generator #4

Posted by on 11.20.18 in code, graphics

Realtime terrain chunk generation via c# job system, using lod crossfading via a bluenoise map and temporal antialiasing.

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Terrain Generator #3

Posted by on 11.9.18 in code, graphics

Implementing an adaptive quadtree to optimise Level of Detail for Terrain chunks

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Terrain Generator #2

Posted by on 10.2.18 in code, graphics

Too heavy for realtime rendering, but this is the detail I am looking for

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Terrain Generator #1

Posted by on 9.20.18 in code, graphics

Started work on a 3d terrain generator using the unity’s new c# job system

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