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Rob Bothof

Rob Bothof (1977) works as a creative coder, game developer, animator, sound engineer and allround technical problem solver. Alongside working on commercial projects, Rob operates as an independent artist and musician. His artistic work extends the thin line between art and science in the disciplines of interaction, animation, autonomous systems and procedural generation. Rob enjoys working together with a variety of companies, institutions, visual-artists, graphic designers, architects and musicians.

Returning themes in Rob’s artistic work are Chance and Context. Chance finds it way through computer generated random, experiment, improvisation and the unpredictability that emerges from direct communication between a work and it’s spectators. Chance can be found in the way by which a project has come to life as well as in the work’s final form: In the search for context, aimless noise is filtered and tamed, while accidents, which have a potential for emergent behavior or enhance the experience, are reinforced. Thru context, interaction between the work and the viewer becomes a meaningful layer, a way of communicating, where involvement of the observer, becoming a participant and/or player, is often as important as the work itself.

Curriculum Vitae

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