Rob Bothof (1977) works as a freelance animator, webdesigner, sound-
engineer and software developer. Next to his commercial projects Rob is
an independent artist and musician. His artistic work extends the thin
line between art and science in the discplines of interaction, robotics
and (social) behaviour.

During the years and for different projects, Rob Bothof has enjoyed
working together with a lot of different companies, visual-artists,
grafic designers, architects and musicians.

Artistic Projects

Returning themes in his works are Chance and Context.
Chance finds it way by computer generated random, experiment,
improvisation and the possibility for the work to interact with the
viewer. It can be found both in the final shape of a project as in the
way by which a work has come to life.

In the search for context, aimless chance is filtered and interaction
between the work and the viewer becomes a meaningfull layer,
a way of communicating, where involvement of the human participant
is as important as the work itself.